Our Service Department


The success of CARS Inc., can be attributed to the association of loyal, knowledgeable and hard working people. They are dedicated to one goal...customer satisfaction. Can you imagine having someone servicing your car who cares about it as much as you do?

Our Service Technicians:

have been rigorously tested and certified by ASE, the recognized authority for Automotive Technician Certification

have received in-depth training in state-of-the-art automotive systems

are trained in the use of special diagnostic instruments

are able to pinpoint problems precisely and accurately

Constant training and updating keep these technicians current with the ever changing automobile. Our technicians take pride in working here, and this translates to the finest quality workmanship.


A key factor in servicing fine motorcars is the availability of quality parts. CARS Inc., has an extensive parts inventory. Parts not locally available can be air freighted from our nationwide network of suppliers, or even internationally when necessary. The comprehensive inventory includes genuine BOSCH ignition, fuel injection, electronic parts and accessories. This inventory is backed-up by the knowledge and proper equipment for correct installation. New parts are ordered on a daily basis. Only original equipment quality parts, and in some cases, parts that are only found to be superior to original parts, are sold by CARS Inc.

Environmental Protection

CARS International Service Center is doing it's part to protect our fragile environment. Special equipment is used to capture ozone depleting Freon (CFC's) from escaping into our atmosphere and to capture used motor oil and antifreeze to keep it from harming our soil and water. Special electronic equipment is utilized to service and adjust your car's exhaust emission system to meet Federal Clean Air Standards.


NEW CAR OWNERS - We can perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your new car is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your maintenance book and use only factory approved parts and lubricants.

You are not required to take your car back to an authorized dealer for this type of service.

EXTENDED WARRANTIES - CARS Inc, will be glad to perform work covered by your extended service agreement or warranty. We will review your coverage, obtain the necessary approvals and we will process the required documentation.